Loral Langemeier- Why You Need a Cash Machine

The concept of the Cash Machine is often misunderstood. On the one hand I hear from people who think that their financial freedom hinges solely on their ability to become master investors, but don’t think about the source of the money they need for investing. On the other hand, I talk to people who have a grand scheme for making tons of money, but have neither the skills nor experience to make it happen.

Inevitably in both cases, nothing happens at all. The full time investor becomes cash-poor and the would-be entrepreneur runs out of steam before the get-rich-quick scheme is ever launched.

Loral Langemeier online products- A cash machine, simply put, is a business that creates a steady income stream. The cash you get from your cash machine is stashed into your Wealth Account (I’ll describe this later) and is subsequently used to fund your Wealth Cycle investments.

In reality you can have many cash machines. I do, and it creates multiple sources of income. This way, when one cash machine falters, the others can pick up the slack. I’m not dependent on one source of cash for my investments.

Let me explain the cash machine concept in a little more detail.

Your W-2 job is (generally) not your cash machine

Your W-2 (day) job is typically what pays your bills and allows you to do your day-to-day activities. For most people this means paying your household bills taking care of children, which uses most of their W-2 income. Some people do have extra cash, but rarely put it into a wealth account.

Your wealth account is, in its simplest terms, a savings account in which the money is ONLY used for investments. If you can sock some of your W-2 income away into a wealth account, you’re on your way to financial freedom.

Loral Langemeier breaking tools- However most people can’t do this, so I encourage them to create a separate cash machine – a business that within weeks can be generating extra income that then goes into the wealth account, and eventually into various investments (income-producing or equity-producing).

Your cash machine is not (usually) your dream business!

Remember I have many cash machine businesses. Not one of these is my “dream” business, but I am certainly living my dream life. What I encourage people to do is to create a business that uses their existing skills and knowledge. This enables you to quickly ramp up the business and start earning the extra income you need (hence, the term “Cash Machine”). It is, quite literally, a “machine” that has been created for the sole purpose of creating cash. Unlike many online scams,  cash machine helps you all through your path of millionaire making.

When you create your cash machine and earn a steady cycle of income this frees your time to focus on passions whatever they may be.

I believe you can have your dream, but your dream doesn’t have to be a struggle. In the rare situation where your passion and skills meet in an area in which there is a high demand, then you may be able to have your dream business and create the cash you need to increase your wealth. More than likely, you’ll need to come up with an idea for a cash machine that more closely matches your skills. Loral Langemeier ripoff consideration has proved Cash Machine a huge success.

In summary, if you have any desire to live a financially free dream life, you’ll need at least one cash machine to fund your investments. If you’ve read either of my first two books, then you’ll understand that wealthy people use the “Wealth Cycle” - a cycle of creating wealth by investing in a diverse set of assets. The more cash you have, the more you can invest. The more you invest, the wealthier you become.